The Start of Something Green

by Dr. John Sorensen

John spent most of his young adult years in the world of advertising where he won many regional and national awards. In his search for truth, John began attending Christ Community Church in Omaha, NE in the 90’s where Dr. Tom Stebbins took him through EE training and led him to the Lord. John joined the EE staff in 1997. In 2008, John became EE’s President. John is also ordained earning a Master of Arts in Evangelism and Doctorate of Divinity at Knox Theological Seminary. John has a lovely wife, Ann, and four kids.


A couple years ago in Fiji, The Most Reverend Archbishop Goodhew taught our Implementation Field Workers at our Kennedy Training Center in Fiji on ways to grow and expand in their faith. I received such positive feedback from the IFWs that I began to think, “There’s something powerful about the message he’s preaching. Was it only effective to them though?” I put the first lesson up online for our team around the world to view. Staff communicated with me that they were blessed and wanted me to thank Archbishop Goodhew from the bottom of their hearts for the teachings (and they wanted the rest of the lessons!).

That gave me pause. Pastors, laymen and women, young, old, generation x, poor, and rich from all different cultures and countries need the message from Scripture that Archbishop Goodhew was teaching.  Lessons on ways to deepen growth in your relationship with God.  This is positively one of the best messages that we all need in our walk with God. I told Archbishop Goodhew soon after, “You have to write this into a book! People all around the world are receiving it so well!”

Thankfully he agreed, and Archbishop Goodhew (along with GreenTree Press) will have Green completed and published this summer. I am excited that you will have the opportunity to read such inspiring and uplifting teachings on growth in God.

Keep your eyes peeled! Great things are happening around us, and to God be the glory.

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